Location: San Diego, CA

Genre: Melodic Punk Rock

Years Active: 2007 - 2020

Label: Unsigned


Infinite Signal is an American punk rock band in San Diego, CA. Originating as a solo project in 2007 and evolving into a melodic punk rock trio which consists of Eli Kent (guitar and vocals), Kelly Kent (bass and vocals), and Drew Nelson (drums).

In the summer of 2018 Eli began writing what would become Infinite Signal's latest EP, Love Me Not. After 48 demos and several months in the practice studio, they began recording their new music with Adam Sisco at Twin Star Recording Studio in Santee, CA in April 2019. Over the course of four months Infinite Signal recorded five new songs.

Love Me Not is the product of Eli's deeply personal writing style both lyrically and musically, Kelly's vocals that are soaring while gritty and controlled, with a vocal interplay between Eli and Kelly that keeps you on the edge of your seat, all driven forward by Drew's hard hitting and complex techniques, creating a new melodic punk rock sound of their own that sounds unlike any genre in the scene today.

Armed with some of the most personal songs Eli has ever written, Love Me Not comes forward with an honest and sometimes gut-wrenching self-portrait of artistic and personal struggle, fighting with the ideas of higher purpose, loss, suffering, and finding motivation in a world that doesn't seem worth fighting for. The result is undoubtedly Infinite Signal's most complex, raw, and crushing album of their varied career so far.

Find Love Me Not streaming online worldwide.

Previous Records:

2017: The Dread (Eli Kent, Kelly Kent, Drew Nelson)

2014: Nox Opus (Eli Kent, Kelly Kent, Frank Vidmar)

2013: Hey Kid (Eli Kent, Kelly Kent, Frank Vidmar)

2012: Words & Will (Eli Kent)

2010: Welcome Home, Stranger (Eli Kent)